Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crappy Things to Carry

Carrying things is necessary for living.  In order to ride the bus we must carry a transfer, we are constantly judged by how we carry ourselves, and if we wish to live by the credo of Tim Gunn, we must "carry on".

However, there is a dark side to carrying things, which I will share with you in a list I'd like to call:

"Crappy Things to Carry"

1) Twins: If you like doing things for "shits and giggles", make some twins so you can enjoy double shits and double giggles

2) A Box of Desk Items After Getting Canned: And you thought last night's walk of shame was bad

3) Disease: Carrying this skin disease makes it a lot harder to carry much anything else

4) Cliche Cardboard Signs: The only thing worse than having to beg for money is doing so without originality

5) A Cross: Especially if you are about to be nailed to it


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